2016 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball – Fun!

panini-contenders-draft-picks-basketball-2016Opened the first of three blasters of 2016 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Basketball.  Fun stuff!     It’s a lot like Contenders Picks Football, but, well, if it’s for Basketball.  The checklist includes 92 Season Ticket base cards, 74 College Ticket Autos, 7 International Ticket Autos, 18 Alumni Ink Autos, 20 Class Reunion inserts, 20 Collegiate Connections inserts, 20 Game Day inserts, 19 Old School Colors inserts, and 20 Schools Colors inserts.  There are also various parallel, #’d, and autographed version of the inserts.  The set is “2 dimensional” in the sense that you can collect each type of card available for each player, or you can collect each base, auto, insert, or parallel set.  There are players who’ve been drafted by NBA teams as well as current stars.

I like the variety of inserts and the myriad of colors.  Below is a gallery of the cards from this box. Didn’t see any color parallels, #’d cards, etc., although I may have missed them at first glance (or they may be in the hobby boxes rather than the retail blasters).  I especially like the autos of Georges Niang and Perry Ellis (one of the best names in this draft class along with Diamond Stone), a Jaylen Brown card in his Cal uniform (Go Bears!), the assortment of Domantis Sabonis and Diamond Stone cards, and some college throwbacks for current NBA stars like James Harden, John Wall, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul.  For my favorite college teams (like Cal, UW, and Gonzaga) it’s nice to have players in the college unis (especially if they don’t make it big in the pros).

As I open the next two boxes I will of course be looking for the autos.  I would like to collect all the Sabonis, Stone, and Jaylen Brown cards “across sets” as well as all the cards “within” the Old School Colors insert set.  All in all, I like these cards, and am looking forward to the other two boxes!




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