A few random basketball cards

Here are some notes on a few random cards I picked up recently:

2016-17 Panini NBA Hoops TP-160 Trey Lyles Utah Jazz Teal Pulsar insert
Panini catches a lot of flack for making gaudy cards and printing too many parallels, but these “Teal Pulsar” parallels are pretty cool. (I made that name up.)  A still image doesn’t do this Trey Lyles Teal Pulsar card justice.  I believe these are only inserted into the retail jumbo packs, I haven’t seen them in the blasters or single packs.

1991 Skybox Basketball 311 Hakeem Olajuwon David Robinson Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs The Best of the NBA – Blocks
These guys were awesome.  Hakeem the Dream was definitely one of my favorite players growing up.  Replica jerseys in the 80’s were definitely not as nice as the ones here in the 10’s, but I still have my Houston #34!  Anyhow, can’t say it much better than the back of the card:

1993-94 UD Basketball 466 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Skylights
Michael Jordan is the greatest.  Kobe and LeBron are also incredibly awesome, and I think LeBron is better than Kobe, but Michael Jordan is the greatest.  Period.  I like these Skylights cards, they have a picture of the player flying above/along/through the skyline of his team’s city.  Also have these for Tim Hardaway and The Rainman Shawn Kemp, may want to track them all down.  Looks like this Air Jordan card was made after he retired and before he came back.  Anyhow, again, can’t say it much better than the back of the card:


2009-10 Topps Basketball RR-RAR Ron Artest Houston Rockets Roundball Remnants Relic
I mean, it’s Ron Artest (aka Metta World Peace).  My favorite wacky NBA player this side of Dennis Rodman. Gotta have this card, even if it looks like a Sacramento Kings purple GU piece with a Houston Rockets picture.  I really loved it when he had the balls to give credit to his therapist during an interview immediately following the final game of one of the Lakers’ championships this century.

2016-17 Panini NBA Hoops E2E-7 Dennis Schroder Atlanta Hawks End 2 End insert
These End-2-End inserts are pretty sweet and highlight speedy players who routinely take the ball, well, end to end.  I like that the background is stylish and that the focus is put on the player.  This one has Dennis Schroder from the Hawks, I also have the Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook cards.  Nice stuff 🙂

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