A few random football cards

Here are some notes on a few random cards I cataloged and filed recently:

2015 Topps Platinum 92 Zach Ertz Philadelphia Eagles gold parallel
Everyone that I’ve heard from misses Topps football cards, including myself.  Platinum was a pretty cool release — flashy cards without being overly cluttered.  This is a nice card and it looks like a gold parallel.  I’d trade it — dude went to Stanford lol.

2016 Panini Classics 53 Anquan Boldin San Francisco 49ers base
He was money on my fantasy team one year when he was on the Arizona Cardinals.  He’s bounced around.  This card is with the Niners and now he’s with Detroit.  I got a couple of free packs of 2016 Panini Classics and I don’t like them, in case you were wondering.

2016 Panini Classics 41 Carson Palmer Arizona Cardinals base
speaking of the Cardinals, you gotta love Carson Palmer, resurrected after that awful injury with Cincinnati during the playoffs.  He may have been on one of my fantasy teams too, who know.  (We came in second place this year, in case you were wondering.  Sure did help to have Matt Ryan, Devanta Freeman, and Julio Jones!)

2016 Panini Classics 129 Larry Csonka Miami Dolphins base
All I know is that he was part of that undefeated Miami Dolphins team and their Super Bowl victories.  He was one of those legends I heard about but who was before my time.  Apparently this was before color photography got going.  (Just kidding.)

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