One Pack a Day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 23 of 48


We have 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, on the 23rd of 48 packs.  So far so good.  This pack was very chill, almost uninspiring but I like some of the stars like Ginobli and Wall.  When I saw that Julius Randle card, I thought I pulled my first double of the box, but it turned out it was a red back parallel.  I don’t quite get the red back parallel thing but I don’t mind it either.  Anyway, I appreciate that so far there have been no doubles in this box, since assuming I’m opening a whole other box there will be plenty of doubles for trading anyway. 🙂

22 Julius Randle Los Angeles Lakers Red Back parallel
64 Manu Ginboli San Antonio Spurs base
105 Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers base
129 Derrick Williams New York Knicks base
135 Andre Roberson Oklahoma City Thunder base
137 Chris Anderson Miami Heat base
140 Trevor Booker Utah Jazz base
151 Sergey Karaseb Brooklyn Nets base
187 Cody Zeller Charlotte Hornets base
203 John Wall Washington Wizards base
257 Dante Cunningham New Orleans Pelicans base
266 Jarell Martin Memphis Grizzlies RC

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