One Pack a Day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 22 of 48

I liked this pack.  The LeBron James insert caught my eye.  I thought it was going to be a “Road to the Finals” card but it was a “Triple Double” card instead.  Again, like the Action Shots insert, on the Triple Double card they left the picture alone and just put the rainbow foil on the lettering.  I like that affect better than just putting the whole card in foil.  Technology :).  Anyhow, I wonder what they’re going to do for Russell Westbrook and his triple doubles next year.  Maybe they’ll come out with a 100 card base set with inserts, who knows.  Anyhow, the rest of the pack was “standard” and included Ibaka, Randolph and  Barbosa.

I’ve been enjoying this project.  One of the first things I do in the morning (or after midnight) is to open the next pack.  Then I take quick scans, inventory the cards, and put together a blog post.  Later I file the cards.  It’s a nice little routine and I do look forward to it every day.  When I finish the last couple of packs, I’m deliberating about whether to open the next box or to just sell it.  We’ll see. 🙂

  • 86 Nick Young Los Angeles Lakers base
  • 72 Kent Bazemore Atlanta Hawks base
  • 90 Tobias Harris Orlando Magic base
  • 136 Norris Cole New Orleans Pelicans base
  • 168 Serge Ibaka Oklahoma City Thunder base
  • 169 Donald Sloan Brooklyn Nets base
  • 182 Kosta Koufas Sacramento Kings base
  • 193 John Henson Milwaukee Bucks base
  • 253 Leandro Barbosa Golden State Warriors base
  • 260 Zach Randolph Memphis Grizzlies base
  • 285 Mario Henzoja Orlando Magic RC
  • TD-45 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Triple Double insert

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