One Pack a Day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 19 of 48


At first I thought this was just a regular pack, but upon further review I really like this one.  The Westbrook insert is a really nice card, even if I nicked one of the edges a little bit.  He has been absolutely amazing this season with all those triple doubles.  Three “Pau’s” — Gasol, Milsap, and Pierce — all three of those guys are among my favorites.  Tony Wroten went to UW.  Anyhow, really like the insert and the overall mix in this pack.

C-7 Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder Courtside insert
16 Mike Muscala Atlanta Hawks base
41 George Hill Indiana Pacers base
77 Quincy Acy Sacramento Kings base
95 Amir Johnson Boston Celtics base
120 Tony Wroten Philadelphia 76ers base
186 Patrick Beverley Houston Rockets base
216 Pau Gasol Chicago Bulls base
236 Paul Milsap Atlanta Hawks base
246 Paul Pierce Los Angeles Clippers base
259 Eric Gordon New Orleans Pelicans base
279 Andrew Harrison Memphis Grizzlies RC

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