One Pack a Day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 16 of 48


After coming back from a trip, I was really looking forward to opening another pack!  This one was pretty “ho-hum”.  Like the DeMarcus Cousins orange/gold/sparkle parallel.  Of course, also a fan of DeAndre Jordan.  I’m glad the NBA created more comprehensive versions of the “Hack-A-Shaq” rules for teams purposefully fouling struggling free throw shooters like my boy DeAndre.

44 Luis Scola Toronto Raptors base
49 DeAndre Jordan Los Angeles Clippers base
63 Jeff Green Memphis Grizzlies base
69 DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings Gold/Orange/Sparkle parallel
99 Deron Williams Dallas Mavericks base
104 Marcus Morris Detroit Pistons base
121 Greivis Vasquez Milwaukee Bucks base
152 Kirk Heinrich Chicago Bulls base
212 Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors base
221 J.R. Smith Cleveland Cavaliers base
240 Wilson Chandler Denver Nuggets base
275 Bobby Portis Chicago Bulls RC

PS Sorted the cards that I’ve pulled so far.  The series is starting to fill in — a little over 60% so far, having opened 2/3 of the packs in the box.  Also am finding some of the base cards to go with a given parallel, and vice versa.  Cool 🙂

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