One Pack a Day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 15 of 48

I liked this pack.  Opened it just before leaving for trip.  For some reason, I really wanted to make sure I got the Stephen Curry base card in my set (was wondering if it happened to be more rare than any of the other cards).  Sure enough, last pack before my trip, BAM!  There it was. 🙂  Also got some of my other favorites, Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving.  The green checkerboard Fournier parallel is also cool.  (Again, the picture does not do this refractor justice.)

1 Ersan Ilyasova Detroit Pistons base
11 Evan Fournier Orlando Magic green checkerboard parallel
110 Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs base
134 Markieff Morris Phoenix Suns base
139 Devin Harris Dallas Mavericks base
150 Trey Burke Utah Jazz base
167 Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers base
184 Matt Barnes Memphis Grizzlies base
222 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers base
238 Spencer Hawes Charlotte Hornets base
248 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors base
290 Justin Anderson Dallas Mavericks RC

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