2014-15 UD Masterpieces Hockey – Wow wow wee!

I broke my first box of 2014-15 Upper Deck Masterpieces.  Fantastic!  In the first three packs I got Sergei Bobrovsky (one of my favorites), a Wayne Gretzky b/w portrait with leather texture, a Guy Carboneau auto, and a Jonathan Huberdeau auto, with both autos signed on card!!!  Plus a bunch of other inserts and base cards.

Most of the cards in the set feature a painted portrait on a leathery texture.  Besides the autos and relics, parallels include red cloth frames # /100 and black leather frames # /50.  The main inserts are the b/w portraits and “wire photos”.  All the cards are very nice and have a classic quality reminiscent of “masterpieces” would find in a museum.

This box saved the best pack for last.  After I opened it, I was speechless.  A Jean Believau black leather framed stick relic card # /35!!!  Wow wow wee!!! Awesome.


I got a second box from Dave and Adam’s Card World.  It wasn’t as spectacular as the first, but still pretty cool.  The Brendan Gallagher black leather framed tricolor GU patch relic is sick!


The Billy Guerin auto and Kyle Turris GU are also nice cards.  Got some sweet parallels too, like a Crosby portrait.  The base cards in this box complimented the ones in the previous box, leaving me with around 10 doubles and 6 cards needed to complete the base commons set (#1-90).  Gonna leave the other parts of the base set (SP’s, portraits, wire photos) incomplete, except I might do some trading and pick up some favorite players or cards to fill binder pages.  All in all, I really like these UD Masterpieces cards!


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