One pack a day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 5 of 48

Day 5


Gotta admit, I wanted to open this pack first thing in the morning!  A normal pack, some stars like Griffin, Aldridge, Rose, and Thompson.  The Martin RC Rainbow # /299 is a nice looking card — gotta check if he’s still on the Grizzlies. 🙂  Also this blog was getting too cumbersome even after just five days, so I split it up into one blog post per day.  That way it’s a smaller chunk to read and the newest content is always on top.  Last thing, isn’t it cool that they got all the rookies to pose in front of the same brick wall? 🙂

  • 13 Jared Dudley Washington Wizards base
  • 31 Gary Harris Denver Nuggets base
  • 119 Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls base
  • 162 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors base
  • 166 Omri Casspi Sacramento Kings base
  • 211 J.J. Barea Dallas Mavericks base
  • 232 LaMarcus Aldridge San Antonio Spurs base
  • 235 Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers base
  • 254 Mike Conley Memphis Grizzlies base
  • 256 P.J. Tucker Phoenix Suns base
  • 266 Jarell Martin Memphis Grizzlies RC Rainbow parallel # 193 /299
  • 272 Myles Turner Indiana Pacers RC

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