One pack a day – 2015-16 NBA Hoops – Day 3 of 48

Day 3

One of the nice things about doing one pack at a time is that it creates a manageable chunk and allows me to complete my “workflow” – open the pack, sort the cards, scan them, upload images, do inventory, update the blog, and file the cards.  Provides a nice feeling of completion and helps me wait till tomorrow to open a new pack.  Also, it also matches the flow on the epack apps, which generally provide one free pack per day.

  • 6 Mike Dunleavy Chicago Bulls base
  • 30 Terrence Ross Toronto Raptors base
  • 111 Greg Monroe Milwaukee Bucks base
  • 117 Channing Frye Orlando Magic base
  • 123 J.J. Hickson Denver Nuggets base
  • 125 Andre Iguodala Golden State Warriors base
  • 142 Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks red back
  • 181 Ian Mahinmi Indiana Pacers base
  • 207 Corey Joseph Toronto Raptors base
  • 223 Jordan Clarkson Los Angeles Lakers base
  • 225 Boris Diaw San Antonio Spurs base
  • 282 Dakari Johnson Oklahoma City Thunder RC


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