NFL: Do we really need TNF? in London? on a Sunday? during the regular season?

Dear NFL,

I just want to say that I don’t think we need Thursday Night Football. Sunday, Sunday Night, and Monday Night Football are plenty.  Half the time I don’t even remember that there’s a game coming up.  When I do remember to watch and figure out what channel the game is on, the play appears sloppy and the teams don’t look as well prepared as on Sunday and Monday.  That’s assuming that I stay awake through another snooze-fest.  Special editions of TNF, especially the overseas games, are even worse.  I realize that your league is in the business of making money, but how many Europeans really care about an American Football game in London?  At least play the game at an American military base so the troops can enjoy it.  I can live with exhibition games overseas, but games that count in the middle of a regular season?  C’mon, man.  The NFL should play on only one Thursday a year, and that’s Thanksgiving.


Vinny B

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