2016 Topps Update Series

I’ve been looking forward to today’s release of the 2016 Topps Baseball Update Series for some time now!  This might be my favorite Topps release after Stadium Club and Archives.  I like seeing some of the younger players who made enough of an impact to earn a card :), traded players in new uniforms, and All-Star Game highlights.  David Ortiz is on the cover of the hobby box I got today at my favorite local card shop, DJ’s Sportscards in Renton, WA.   Wonder if there will be a bunch of inserts featuring him (haven’t looked at the checklist lately).  Will report back after I unpack the box!

Broke the box.  It was pretty cool!  Actually got all the base cards US1-US300 in the hobby box, plus 21 doubles.  Included are two cards for the elusive Gold Glover Matt Weiters (who has not been in most, if any, of the recent Topps releases).  Takes a bit of the challenge out of building the base set, of course, but allows me to focus on the inserts.  I think I’m going to work on the 10 “First Pitch” cards (got 6 of them already).  My favorite card is a Frankie Lindor All-Star Stitch workout jersey relic (gold patch), ASTIT-FL.  (Does anyone else think that abbreviation is funny?)  I also like the Fire inserts and the golds and rainbow foils that I got.  There was a 1/1 printing plate for card US220 Colin Moran Astros RC, I like how those things look.  I guess a cool auto would have made all this even better, but all in all I really like the cards I got in this box!   Here are a few pictures.  🙂


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